Case study: delivering compliance training at scale

Your team grows tenfold and expands across the country – how do you ensure they all can and will comply with Australia’s demanding financial services laws and regulations

Allied Credit approached GRC Solutions with a very tricky problem

An established non-bank asset finance business, specialising in vehicle and leisure finance, Allied Credit was planning a very significant growth phase, driven by numerous factors including a re-imagination of their business model and the implementation of ground-breaking IT.

Overall, within a couple of years, their staff numbers grew from around 40 to around 300 and their network of partner firms (dealerships, importers, brokers) expanded across Australia – and is still expanding. Currently there are about 1800 individuals associated with Allied Credit in this capacity.

How do you ensure that all these people are prepared to comply with Australia’s strict, detailed, and at times, complicated, financial services laws and regulations?

The solution won us a Platinum Award at the 2023 LearnXLive awards


Download the case study here

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