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All Australian schools should regularly audit their compliance framework. Victorian schools must undergo an audit every two years.

When it comes to schools, there’s no room for error. Regulatory compliance risks exist not only for students and staff, but for volunteers, P&C members, and the wider community. It’s imperative that staff and volunteers understand their obligations and responsibilities.   

It’s essential that your staff and volunteers are aware of their responsibilities. 

The 2017 Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse identified significant weaknesses in responses to child safety and wellbeing. Today, there is greater awareness in the community about the importance of establishing and sustaining a child safe environment. 

With this heightened awareness, boards have increased pressure on schools to maintain a safe environment for children and young people. Standard 9 of the National Principles for Child Safe Organisations requires organisations to regularly assess their current child safety and wellbeing framework, identifying both strengths and opportunities for development. 

Regrettably, the consensus is that these processes and frameworks are, simply, not tailored to schools. Often, they are embedded in clunky, lengthy policies that make their roll-out difficult. For this reason, schools usually require third-party assistance to strengthen and accelerate the implementation of these frameworks. 

GRC Solutions is here to assist you. Our experts will help you tailor a compliance training program that won’t distract you from your role as an educator. We provide: 

  • Child protection for schools compliance training 
  • Work health and safety for schools compliance training 
  • Complaints handling for schools compliance training 
  • Privacy for schools compliance training 

Why choose GRC Solutions?  

We can help you tailor a compliance training program that does not distract you from your role as educators – contact us to see why over 700 schools in Australia rely on GRC Solutions for their staff compliance training.  

Contact us today to see why over 700 schools across Australia rely on GRC Solutions and our cutting-edge Salt® Compliance LMS technology for their compliance training needs. 

Case Study: Catholic Church Insurance (CCI)

The Brief  

At the start of 2022, Catholic Church Insurance (CCI) signalled that it was moving away from its legacy online training provider to GRC Solutions. CCI’s client base, which included many churches, care services and schools nationwide, would rely on GRC Solutions to develop, deliver, manage, and report on online compliance training using our Salt learning technologies, including our Salt Adaptive authoring tool and Salt Compliance Learning Management System.   

From the outset, it was clear to see the benefits of providing CCI’s clients with access to legally accurate, up-to-date compliance training deployed via user-friendly, state-of-the-art learning technology.  

The Challenge  

This would be a challenging and resource-intensive project, whereby GRC Solutions would engage with each of CCI’s client organisations separately to facilitate the mass transition of clients into a new training experience.

Some of CCI’s existing course titles needed to be rebuilt and redesigned using Salt Adaptive, using an entirely new look and feel. Other course titles needed to be built from scratch. Furthermore, GRC Solutions would undertake to support CCI’s clients with any queries they would have about the learning content, the adoption of new technology and tracking and reporting of learning completions.  

The overarching goal was to develop and deliver robust yet accessible compliance training to CCI’s client organisations, providing them with a fully hosted solution that they could seamlessly access, with minimal fuss or disruption to their work lives while meeting their expectations of their compliance training.  

The Project  

This project involved the development and delivery of a wide range of training courses to CCI’s network of clients, providing them with ongoing maintenance and support as they became familiar with a new look and feel to their training courses and a new technology platform.  

There were over 32 training courses in total, on everything from Work Health and Safety and Driver Safety to Safeguarding, Camps & Excursions and Emergency Preparedness.  

These courses needed to be made available to almost 40 client organisations. Many hours of training needed to be developed and delivered to thousands of learners through this complex program in just a few months.  

To facilitate the smooth and rapid delivery of this vast project, key personnel from multiple teams within GRC Solutions were assigned to oversee and fulfil various tasks.  

GRC Solutions’ Content Team needed to formulate a detailed project plan for the rebuilding – and in several cases, rewriting from scratch – of these courses using Salt Adaptive.  

Our Client Services and Partnerships Teams worked with each organisation to map out a process to migrate them to the Salt Learning platform and hosted solutions.  

Our Marketing Team worked jointly with CCI’s team on external communications to facilitate the smooth completion of the project and to reinforce the value of compliance training as a means of mitigating risk.  

The Roll-Out  

A huge implementation plan was developed to outline the various workstreams that operated in parallel, identifying a series of milestones for the creation of training content, engagement of appropriate stakeholders within each client organisation, publishing of training into the Salt Learning platform, delivery of training to client organisations and communication about the substance of each training course. We relied on daily stand-ups, weekly Work-in-Progress meetings and Gantt chart monitoring within Asana’s online project management dashboard to keep track of everything and each other.  

The Reception  

Almost as soon as the project went live, we were delighted to receive accolades from CCI’s client organisations. We believe that this feedback attested not only to the quality of our training courses and learning platforms but also to the sincere and constant engagement our key personnel undertook to have with CCI and its client network. We were intent on a seamless undertaking from each client organisation’s perspective – and we are deeply appreciative that they took the time to convey that this had been achieved: 

We appreciate your continued connection and work behind the scenes to support a smooth and complete transition for [Karinya House] – Jo Saccasan, Finance & Business Manager, Karinya House for Mothers & Babies

Very user friendly, much easier to use than the [previous] CCI training – Michelle Marks, Human Resources Assistant, CatholicCare Canberra & Goulburn

Thank you again for your tremendous support to [Diocese of Ballarat Catholic Education Limited] in supporting our transition from CCI to the Salt platform. You have been supportive and patient even when we have not been timely in our responses. Thanks for the advice and guidance on the way through, and support in ironing out the teething problems at Go Live. We very much appreciate it – Ange Jones, Assistant Direct People and Development, Diocese of Ballarat Catholic Education Limited

Our staff have commented that Salt is super easy to use – Monica Kacela, Human Resources Manager, Penola Catholic College

I’ve had a chance to review all three courses (practical health and safety suite) today – they are terrific! Thank you to your content team for progressing these. I anticipate they will be useful to all of your school clients – Elysia Ryan, Manager, System Safeguarding and Development, Catholic Education South Australia

I think that this was one of the best modules ever! Whoever created this module should be congratulated over and over. The fact that I have just spoken with a teacher who was having the very difficulties made the module more helpful. Once again thank you – Breda O’Reilly, Pastoral Care, Mercedes College

The rush of positive feedback from their leadership and staff inspires us to raise the bar, not just for CCI’s client organisations but for all our learners.  

A Highlight – GRC Solutions Client Support Team  

At GRC Solutions, we recognise that the customer journey lasts all the way through their relationship with us, and that the ongoing support of our Client Services Team is key in ensuring that our clients get the best value they can from our products.  

Each of the many organisations served by CCI was a new client for us, and they all received the special touch of our Client Services Team. Universally they were surprised at and grateful for the comprehensive support they received. 



Discover why so many companies choose GRC Solutions compliance training

"As a subscriber to the GRC Solutions weekly compliance bulletins, the BankVic team has found these a valuable resource for keeping up-to-date with new and changed regulatory and code obligations that affect the mutual banking industry, and how these changes might impact our organisation"

Compliance Manager at BankVic

"The project was extremely positive for both organisations. The GRC Solutions team delivered a visually impactful bespoke learning solution that met HCF requirements… on budget and ahead of deadline."

Compliance Manager at HCF

"I think that this was one of the best modules ever! Whoever created this module should be congratulated over and over. The fact that I have just spoken with a teacher who was having the very difficulties made the module more helpful. Once again thank you."

Pastoral Care, Mercedes College

“The ‘Adaptive’ learning feature is fantastic! It gives learners a sense of control of how they wish to learn and the opportunity to re-confirm/validate their existing knowledge.

The training content is easy to follow, with the use of case studies and relevant scenarios to demonstrate to learners how the content is applied in real life. As a Salt platform Administrator, my experience is made easy with the range of reports available and the patience and support of the GRC Support team, who are always ready and willing to help.”

Learning & Development Specialist at Allied Credit

"I wanted to compliment [GRC Solutions IT Manager] Cody Jones on providing a new customer with an exceptional level of service. Cody is responsive, helpful, no question is a problem and nothing is too much trouble. Cody gives us confidence combined with a pleasant personality which makes our Salt experience so much more manageable and enjoyable."

Risk, Safety & Compliance Officer, Mercy Education Limited

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