GRC Solutions at the OzHarvest Community Cookoff 2023

Our team were kitchen hands for the day.

Now its up to YOU to lend a hand.

There’s still time to donate – click here to provide meals to those who need it most.

Remember – $1 = 2 meals provided by OzHarvest and supported charities.

Earlier last week, the GRC Solutions team found themselves in a special place – for a special cause.

Aria, the location. One of Sydney’s finest restaurants, owned and run by celebrated Aussie chef and restaurateur, Matt Moran. A grandiose setting, it seems; for what?

The OzHarvest Community Cookoff. They weren’t there to kick their feet up with a five-course meal – rather, they got busy in the kitchen for one of our country’s greatest charitable feats.

If you’re unfamiliar with the Community Cookoff, here’s a little bit about the event. From the 15th to 29th of May this year, Australia’s top restaurants and chef ambassadors opened their doors to OzHarvest Cookoff participants from all kinds of industries, to cook for a cause. The participants then worked alongside the chefs to create gourmet meals, which were then served to special guests from OzHarvest-supported charities, as well as packaged up and loaded onto yellow vans for distribution to local communities in need

Our CEO, Julian Fenwick, is a passionate supporter of OzHarvest and 8-time participant in the Cookoff. This year, he decided to pass the torch to our newly coined “OzHarvest Division.” If you were to ask Julian, “Why OzHarvest?“, he’d tell you that no child should arrive at school hungry. He’d also tell you that there’s no place for 7.6 million tonnes of food wastage each year in Australia – yes, this really happens here.

Our wonderful, like-minded OzHarvest Team – Linda Wright, Louis Kapeleris and Adrian Phoon – teamed up to join the fight and got busy fundraising. On the menu at Aria was a main of porchetta with white polenta, broccolini, gravy and Autumn mustard fruits, served with fennel and citrus salad.

Food, chatter and laughter. The recipe for happiness some would say – and the team certainly found that on the day, making memories with other liked minded individuals from across the city. Our city, which calls us to do our duty for the disadvantaged. Above all, the Cookoff serves as an exemplar for other causes held close to the hearts of many Australians.

We’re proud of our team, and hope you enjoy these beautiful pictures of the Cookoff in action. You can also find our OzHarvest Awareness video here.

OzHarvest’s 2023 fundraising target is $2.5 million, which will allow OzHarvest to deliver 5 million meals to vulnerable people around Australia. A huge thank you to those who have donated and there’s still time – 31st May is the deadline. Click here to donate now.

Let’s keep those yellow vans on the streets!