LearnX Live! 2020 Best Future Learning Model Award

We won this platinum award for our collaboration with OFX – using our Salt Adaptive Platform

We won Double Platinum and Double Gold at LearnX LIve! 2020.

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Salt Adaptive with OFX

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Our client, OFX, chose our Salt Adaptive online compliance training platform to address some very specific compliance training needs

The Brief

OFX is an online foreign exchange and payments business that provides money transfer services. It operates in a highly regulated environment, involving strict laws, policies and procedures. As a dynamic online business, it needed to provide staff with practical workplace learning on several key compliance topics such as anti-money laundering, workplace behaviour, cyber security andf raud awareness.

Multiple Jurisdictions

With over 400 staff operating in multiple jurisdictions, including Australia, New Zealand, the US and Canada, OFX needed this suite of training to be consistent from office to office while also accounting for variations in terminology, practice and requirements in each jurisdiction. It needed to accommodate the ever-changing landscape of compliance and the burgeoning set of regulatory obligations that financial services organisations now face in the wake of the Banking and Finance Royal Commission and heightened money laundering risk and fraud risk. The training also needed to cater to its staff’s different job roles and levels of familiarity with the topics, noting that some staff had undertaken training previously, while others had never encountered some of these topics. OFX was also keen to respect its people’s busy workloads and recognise everyone’s restricted availability to undertake training; in other words, the training needed to be short, succinct and, wherever possible, relevant to people’s job roles. OFX also needed to track training completion rates.


Above all, OFX sought training that could be easily customised, utilising its own subject matter experts’ deep knowledge of the obligations facing their business operations, in a fast and efficient manner. OFX had previously engaged other vendors who had struggled to customise content quickly and on brief. OFX found that while other vendors could customise content, this was an arduous, time-consuming process. This led to the creation of training that was long, rigid and poorly equipped to meet the diverse and expanding obligations pertaining to OFX’s growing operations.

To help OFX meet its training requirements, GRC Solutions offered a core base of customisable training courses – Anti-Money Laundering, Diversity & Equality, Cyber Security and Fraud Awareness – through the Salt Adaptive learning content management system. The training courses featured engaging designs and rigorously researched content developed by GRC Solutions’ own content development team.

OFX used the Salt Adaptive platform as a one-stop shop to customise, deliver and report on training. GRC Solutions provided author training so that OFX’s own subject matter experts could customise the off-the-shelf training content to suit the business’s own needs. The customisations catered to different job roles and jurisdictions, as well as changing regulatory requirements and reforms. The updates appeared instantly and could be tracked through the version control publishing history in Salt Adaptive. Any update can be withdrawn or amended at any time to revert to a prior version.

Responsive Design

All training was designed responsively, so that it could be accessed on desktop, tablet or mobile phone. Salt Adaptive can monitor completion rates and generate rich analytics and visualisations for OFX to review. Crucially, the training content was pre-test adaptive enabled. This meant that learners were given a series of upfront questions on the topic at hand. The Salt Adaptive system was able to identify learners’ knowledge gaps and tailor the learning experience to the individual by focusing on what the individual did not yet know, bypassing any content in which they had already demonstrated proficiency.


OFX was able to customise the content as soon as they received access to Salt Adaptive and author training.They could update content instantly or take time to write and edit material through their own review processes.

Resources, technologies and innovation

OFX used Salt Adaptive to edit existing Salt compliance courses to make them OFX-specific. Using Salt Adaptive a client can do this quickly and seamlessly. With little change control required from a technology perspective, any edits that are made post-publication are updated automatically and seamlessly using the unique SCORM wrapper technology in Salt Adaptive.

When courses are built within Salt Adaptive they are also hosted there. Using its unique SCORM wrapper capability, any content requests are viewed seamlessly.


This project has enabled OFX to train its global workforce in streamlined, customised training that captures the large-scale compliance policies, principles and obligations facing the organisation as well as the subtleties and nuances that apply to its separate jurisdictions and job roles. It continuously trains staff without taking up too much of their valuable time.

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