LearnXLive 2023 Best Custom Bespoke Learning – GRC Solutions with Ronald McDonald House Charities

 I had a blank with how we were going to get this level of understanding across our organisation, especially the Board, and now it’s possible and measurable!!

We won three platinums and a diamond at LearnXLIve! 2023
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RMHC engaged GRC Solutions to deliver a custom package of four e-learning courses with the chief aim of building capability and compliance with the relevant laws and regulations across its large and diverse national network of employees and volunteers, in alignment with its strategic objectives, values and culture of transparency and accountability.

As a federated system, RMHC is supported by around 350 staff and over 4,000 volunteers. Capturing and keeping on top of compliance is a challenge, with our people spread around 55 service locations within Australia, working on various rosters across 24 hours a day, 365 days per year.

The challenge for GRC Solutions was to tailor the content and visuals, drawing on RMHC’s branding and logo, to create training that would connect the regulations, RMHC’s rigorous policies and the practical needs and experiences of its workforce. The courses had to be legally comprehensive, properly addressing RMHC’s risk profile, while staying relevant to individuals’ job roles and volunteering practices.

GRC Solutions would need to deliver the courses, managing and monitoring learner completions while operating within the complex governance structure of RMHC, which consists of 12 separate legal entities that each possessed a level of flexibility and autonomy.

We also needed to keep the content fresh and up to date, tracking and applying legislative reforms both nationwide and at state and territory level.

The solution won us a Diamond Award at the 2023 LearnXLive awards

A collaborative approach

(This is a summary of the project – you can download the whole case study below.)

From the very start, GRC Solutions worked closely with RMHC to achieve its aims for this custom project. We identified and clarified the brief, issuing a content development schedule to help the project stay on budget and time, and to enable RMHC to track progress through key milestones.

GRC Solutions takes client feedback very seriously. We believe that the best custom projects are true collaborative partnerships between the client and vendor. For this project, we incorporated multiple rounds of client feedback into our dedicated workflow. This would help everyone within our Content and Client Services Teams to understand the specific requirements and challenges that we were helping RMHC to solve with this training package. We were keen to keep one eye on the specific requirements of this client and the broader regulatory landscape on which this project was playing out.

As Denise Lumsden, RMHC General Manager – Strategy & Governance, describes it:

The products provided by GRC offer us the opportunity to manage and monitor our regulatory and internal compliance requirements using existing IT infrastructure, and ensure we have granular tracking for each team member. With 12 separate legal entities, we were able to provide each RMHC Chapter the flexibility to manage this with autonomy appropriate to their organisation. RMHC also values GRC keeping the modules up to date with legislative changes across the states and territories, which gives assurance to our RMHC voluntary boards.

In collaboration with RMHC, GRC Solutions customised:

  • the visuals to incorporate RMHC’s logo and branding
  • the language of the training content to reflect RMHC’s operations and job roles
  • scenarios and case studies to stay relevant to the practical needs and experiences of RMHC’s staff and volunteers

We modularised the courses to ensure that the training was relevant to specific job roles and teams. For example, Safeguarding Children and Young People consists of modules for all learners, including an introductory module and a module covering the topic of child abuse. These modules are followed by more targeted modules focusing on mandatory reporting and child protection in leadership (aimed at managers and recruiters).

In key sections of Safeguarding Children and Young People, RMHC requested that we include images of people to help humanise the accounts of technical compliance concepts and processes. RMHC also requested the inclusion of key resources that learners could refer to for external support.

At GRC Solutions we are acutely aware of the sensitivities surrounding this training topic. As such our instructional designers sought to pair and elevate the content with respectful, appropriate and culturally safe visuals.


GRC Solutions delivered the training through our own Salt Management System (LMS). We generated two versions of each course. This included:

  • a conventional version that contained a lesson followed by a formal assessment
  • an adaptive version that contains a pre-test for refresher training

The adaptive pre-test allows individual learners to demonstrate proficiency in specific learning outcomes by correctly answering the associated questions, bypassing the relevant lesson content. This can help to reduce training times and restore to learners precious time during their busy workday, while also helping them to focus their training experience on any remaining knowledge gaps and areas for improvement.


The training was quickly completed and heralded within the organisation. The client expressed gratitude for how the training was able to distribute knowledge of sophisticated regulatory concepts into accessible information across the organisation. For example, Denise Lumsden, RMHC General Manager – Strategy & Governance, observed:

Privacy of data, information and our intellectual property is becoming an increasingly complex issue for our Charity to keep abreast of. We recently received this feedback from one of our 12 Chapter CEOs, which expresses their thoughts about the Privacy Module.

“The privacy module that I have been working through is incredibly thorough and excellent and although I had it in our Strategic Plan, I had a blank with how we were going to get this level of understanding across our organisation especially the Board and now it’s possible and measurable!!” CEO, Ronald McDonald House Charities, Northern NSW.

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